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Arlo Cameras 2024: The Ultimate Home Defense Upgrade

Deciding on a surveillance system and wondering how Arlo cameras stack up? This guide explains what you need to know about the Arlo camera’s high-resolution video, effortless setup, and smart home capabilities.

Get the insights you need to make informed and smart security decisions for your home without the technical jargon with the help of an Arlo camera.

Key Takeaways

  • Arlo cameras provide HD and 4K video quality, two-way audio, free cloud recording, night vision capabilities, and smart alerts with AI technology for accurate motion detection.

  • Users can access live video monitoring through the Arlo Secure App, configure notification settings for motion or sound detection, and integrate cameras with smart home devices for enhanced security automation.

  • Battery performance for Arlo cameras ranges from 3-6 months, and maintaining optimal functionality requires a reliable Wi-Fi connection, the ability to adjust settings for reduced power consumption, and an understanding of privacy features provided by Arlo.

What are Arlo Cameras?

Arlo Camera

Arlo cameras offer an unmatched home security experience with high-quality HD video, two-way audio, and free cloud recording. These security cameras have some key features, including:

  • Wide operating temperature range, making them suitable for various environments

  • Straightforward setup process, allowing anyone with a basic understanding of Wi-Fi routers to install them

  • Ability to capture footage at a maximum resolution of 4K, delivering high-quality and detailed video content

You can monitor your Arlo security cameras by using your phone through the Arlo Secure App, keeping an eye on your property anytime, anywhere. However, to fully utilize these cams, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection with at least 1 Mbps upstream and a port available on your router.

Choosing Your Arlo Camera

With various models available, including Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro, Arlo Essential, and Arlo Essential XL, Arlo offers a range of options to accommodate different quality preferences and requirements.

Each camera model has distinguishing characteristics: motion detection, high-quality 2K resolution, full-color night vision, smart-home integration support, and intelligent features for person, animal, vehicle, and package detection.

When choosing and selecting the most appropriate Arlo camera model, consider whether indoor or outdoor monitoring is needed, your home’s overall size, and your property’s layout.

Installing Your Arlo Camera

Installing an Arlo camera is a breeze with the Arlo Secure App. You’ll need an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station for certain models, a power adapter, a micro-USB cable, a wall mounting kit, and appropriate tools for mounting.

During installation, ensure to elevate the camera, aim it properly, place it within Wi-Fi range, and avoid obstructions to ensure the best coverage.

Once installed, your Arlo camera can be easily configured and connected to the mobile app for live monitoring.

Managing Arlo Camera Settings

Arlo cameras come with many settings that can be customized to your liking. These configurations involve:

  1. Pressing the Sync button

  2. Naming the camera

  3. Positioning the camera

  4. Configuring the siren settings

  5. Ensuring proper camera placement

Video and audio settings can be adjusted to enhance quality and output. Furthermore, you can also adjust the field of view and set a schedule for your Arlo camera to turn on or off.

Enhancing Night Surveillance with Arlo

arlo camera

Arlo cameras are not just daytime sentinels but also night-time guardians. Thanks to the infrared (IR) LEDs, these cameras can capture clear footage in low-light environments. With an operational night vision range extending to approximately 25 feet, Arlo cameras ensure clear footage in low-light or dark conditions within this distance.

To enhance night vision, ensure there are no obstructions that might hinder the infrared light, and consider using external accessories, such as solar panel chargers or security lights, to improve visibility in low-light conditions indoors.

The Role of Infrared in Night Vision

The infrared technology in Arlo cameras offers the following benefits:

  • Illuminates areas with light that is undetectable to the human eye, facilitating clear image capture in low-light conditions

  • Produces high-quality video footage

  • Ensures dependable surveillance regardless of lighting conditions, even at nighttime

However, it is essential to note that the IR LEDs are not always active to conserve battery life, which may pose a limitation.

What sets Arlo cameras apart from other security camera models is that they provide color and infrared night vision capabilities.

Adjusting Night Vision Settings

Arlo cameras come with adjustable night vision settings, enabling users to optimize surveillance in low-light conditions. Accessing the ‘sun’ icon during live view in the Arlo Secure App lets you activate the night vision feature and adjust the brightness as needed.

When adjusting the night vision brightness on your screen, it is important to consider the environment surrounding the camera, as objects such as walls or furniture nearby can impact the picture quality.

Smart Alerts and Motion Detection Features

Arlo smart alerts

Arlo cameras are not just about capturing high-quality videos; they also come equipped with smart alerts and motion detection features, enhancing your home security. Arlo’s motion detection technology is finely calibrated to be more responsive to lateral movement within its field of view than directly approaching or moving away from the camera, ensuring thorough surveillance coverage.

Users can modify the sensitivity of the motion detection on their Arlo cameras through the following steps:

  1. Open the Arlo app or go to your Arlo account settings.

  2. Find the Motion Detection slider.

  3. Adjust the slider to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the motion detection.

  4. Save your settings.

This page allows users to tailor their security settings according to their specific requirements with the necessary permission.

Customizing Motion Zones

With Arlo cameras, you can customize motion zones, also known as Activity Zones, to concentrate motion detection on a designated area within the camera’s field of view.

You can create an Activity Zone and adjust its position by tapping, holding, and dragging within the camera’s field of view. Additionally, you can use the zoom feature to focus on specific areas.

Establishing custom motion zones provides the following benefits:

  • Directing motion detection to specific areas, such as the front door or driveway

  • Enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of motion alerts

  • Improving the overall effectiveness of your home security system.

Understanding Alert Notifications

Arlo cameras offer the following features:

  • Email alerts and push notifications for motion or sound detection

  • Arlo Smart Notifications that utilize advanced AI to distinguish regular movement

  • Critical Alerts for urgent and security situations

  • Rich notifications containing images of recorded footage

These notifications or alerts can be configured using the Arlo app or by accessing your Arlo account details and selecting the camera to modify the notification settings based on your preferences.

Arlo’s Video Doorbells: A Closer Look

Arlo’s video doorbells are a sophisticated addition to their product line, designed to enhance front-door security and convenience. The Arlo Essential 1080p Wired Video Doorbell offers a range of features including:

  • HD video

  • Motion detection

  • Two-way audio

  • Night vision

  • Wide 180-degree viewing angle

  • Integration with smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

All at a price point of $129.99.

Keeping an Eye on Your Home 24/7

Remote live monitoring of home security cameras

With Arlo’s live monitoring and video recording features, you can watch over your home and:

  • Keep an eye on your home around the clock

  • Receive round-the-clock professional monitoring services

  • Promptly notify live security experts in the event of a security breach at your residence

Apart from live monitoring, Arlo offers a video recording feature with an optional Continuous Video Recording (CVR) feature, enabling continuous 24/7 recording when activated on one of your cameras.

Live Monitoring from Anywhere

Arlo’s live monitoring feature is accessible from an extra monitor, the Arlo Mobile App, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Smart, ARLO Q, and the Arlo Web interface. To access live video feeds from your Arlo cameras using the Arlo app, you can launch the Arlo Secure App or log into your account at You can tap or click on the camera feed you wish to record or view live from there.

With a high-speed internet connection, you can enjoy live monitoring through your browser using the Arlo app globally, thanks to its professional monitoring capabilities and the ability to create its own WiFi system for the cameras.

Accessing Recorded Videos

Accessing recorded videos on Arlo can be done by:

  • Playing them from the library in the Arlo Secure App

  • Logging in to your Arlo account at and tapping/clicking on Library

  • Selecting the respective device in the Arlo app if saved on local storage like a USB device or Micro SD card.

With an Arlo secure subscription, the recorded videos from your Arlo camera are retained online for a duration of 30 days.

Smart Home Integration and Automation

Arlo cameras offer smart home integration, allowing you to connect your cameras with the following smart home devices:

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Apple HomeKit

  • Google Assistant


  • Samsung SmartThings

By integrating your Arlo cameras with these smart home devices, you can automate your home security, receive alerts, and control your home security using voice commands.

Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

Arlo cameras can seamlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings. By linking your Arlo account with these smart home platforms, you can control your cameras using voice commands, establish automation with other devices on these platforms, and even access Arlo camera feeds on Apple TV or Amazon Echo Show.

Automating Security with Arlo

Arlo offers Schedule automation and Arrival/Leave Automation to automate your home security. You can use the Arlo Secure App to establish routines and define rules for automating actions based on modes such as Arm Away, Arm Home, or Standby.

Integrating Arlo with Google Home or Alexa can also enable you to receive alerts and control your home security using voice commands, seamlessly integrating with your smart home ecosystem.

Power and Connectivity Considerations

To ensure optimal performance of your Arlo cameras, it is important to consider power and connectivity aspects. The typical battery life for an Arlo camera is approximately 3-6 months with average use.

Several methods can be employed to optimize the battery life of your Arlo camera, including reducing the length of recordings when motion is detected, enabling sleep mode, or scheduling the camera to turn off during specific hours.

Maximizing Battery Performance

The battery life of Arlo cameras varies depending on the model and usage. For instance, the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 can last up to six months, while the Arlo Ultra lasts three to six months with regular usage. The frequency of camera activations, excessive usage, and extreme temperatures can influence the battery’s performance.

To improve battery performance, you can adjust motion sensitivity, position cameras in areas with strong Wi-Fi signals, and ensure that the latest firmware runs on your Arlo base station.

Ensuring Reliable Wi-Fi Connection

Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is crucial for uninterrupted surveillance with your Arlo cameras. Positioning the cameras within 300 feet (90 meters) of the Arlo SmartHub, Arlo Base Station, or Wi-Fi router is recommended.

In case of common Wi-Fi issues, you can conduct a Wi-Fi scan using the Arlo Secure App and ensure that your Arlo device is connecting to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Protecting Your Privacy with Arlo

Arlo protecting privacy

Arlo’s commitment to privacy includes:

  • Ensuring that your personal data and information are well-protected

  • Placing a high value on privacy, comparable to physical security

  • Being fully dedicated to safeguarding personal data

The privacy settings offered on Arlo cameras include:

  • Managing account preferences through the Privacy Center or Data Privacy in the Arlo website settings

  • Activating or deactivating the privacy feature for individual cameras in the Arlo app or website settings

  • Defining privacy zones within the camera’s field of view to uphold privacy in live streams, video recordings, and alerts

  • Enabling or disabling the Privacy Shield feature through the Arlo Secure App or website settings.


In this blog post, we dove into the world of Arlo cameras, exploring their features, installation process, and how to manage their settings. We also learned about their night surveillance capabilities, smart alerts, and motion detection features.

The integration of Arlo cameras with smart home devices for automated security and their power and connectivity considerations were also highlighted.

Finally, we discussed the importance of privacy and how Arlo is committed to safeguarding your personal data and information. With Arlo, your home is not just secured; it’s smartly secured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arlo cameras have a monthly fee?

Yes, Arlo cameras have monthly fees, with multiple paid subscription tiers available for different features and camera limits.

What are the drawbacks of Arlo cameras?

The drawbacks of Arlo cameras include limited range, expensive pricing, and the need for a subscription service to access advanced features and cloud storage. Keep these limitations in mind when considering Arlo cameras.

Can I still use Arlo without a subscription?

Yes, you can still use Arlo without a subscription, but there are limitations to certain features, such as advanced notifications and video storage. You can still access essential functions like live streaming and push notifications without a subscription.

Is Arlo phasing out cameras?

Arlo has announced that it will sunset support for some of its products, including the Arlo Wire-Free Camera and Arlo Pro Camera, which will reach EOL on April 1, 2023.

What are the unique features of Arlo cameras?

Arlo cameras offer high-quality HD video, two-way audio, free cloud recording, night vision, and a wide operating temperature range, making them excellent options within their price range.

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