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Unmasking the Curie Deodorant: A Quick 5 Min Comprehensive Review

Enter Curie Deodorant – All-Natural Deodorant Stick – a game-changer in the underarm hygiene scene that promises to keep you smelling fresh without the harmful effects of aluminum and other chemicals. But does it live up to its hype?

In a world increasingly leaning towards natural and sustainable products, personal hygiene hasn’t been left out. The quest for a healthier lifestyle has seen many of us ditch traditional body care products for natural alternatives. Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Curie’s All-Natural Deodorant Stick offers effective odor protection & all-day freshness.

  • A wide selection of scents and creamy textures offer a great experience.

  • Reviews suggest it works well, but individual results may vary, read reviews before buying!

Introduction to Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick

Curie's Natural Deodorant Stick

Among natural deodorant sticks, Curie’s All-Natural Deodorant Stick, a unisex product, stands out. It’s a blend of naturally occurring plant-derived ingredients, like cocos nucifera coconut oil, theobroma cacao cocoa butter, and organic Manihot esculenta arrowroot, keeping you fresh, smooth, and moisturized, all while making the casual armpit sniff a thing of delight with its naturally occurring plant-derived aroma.

The brand promises not just a deodorant, but an everyday life-changing stick with a smooth moisturizing non-greasy application, and a scent that sends out the freshest news and exclusive offers from your underarms.

Being an aluminum-free deodorant, this product is also free of aluminum parabens or phthalates, making it a safer choice for your underarms.

But how does it manage to keep the stink away? It’s all in the mix of sage essential oil, triethyl citrate, and baking soda that fights off the stinky bacteria, keeping you fresh all day long. These are bold claims, and we’ll be putting them to the test.

Applying the Curie Deodorant: The Process

Applying Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick is a straightforward process. It’s as simple as:

  1. Swiping the stick two or three times under your arms, just like any other deodorant stick.

  2. There’s no need for any special techniques or tools.

  3. The brand recommends a couple of swipes for optimal results, ensuring the refreshing mint scent works its magic all day long.

Applying Curie deodorant is most effective in the morning, following a shower. This allows the citrus-scented deodorant to work its magic, keeping you fresh and confident as you embark on your daily activities.

Aesthetics and Ingredients of Curie Deodorant

Aesthetics of Curie Deodorant

Observing Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick reveals a design that is visually pleasing and universally appealing, with a subtle floral and citrus note throughout, which can be attributed to the plant-derived aroma compound and the presence of recutita matricaria flower extract.

But it’s not just about looks. The stick is packed with moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E, and annuus sunflower seed oil, contributing to its smooth texture and ensuring a pleasant application experience.

The deodorant comprises a mix of ingredients that are not just safe, but also beneficial for your skin. From the cocos nucifera coconut oil that fights underarm odor and hydrates the skin, to the shea butter that soothes and nourishes, and the essential oils for that nice smell, Curie’s Natural Deodorant is a clean and natural choice that’s good for you.

Scent and Texture Analysis

Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick is a feast for the senses. It comes in an array of scents, including Juniper Eucalyptus, Coconut Nectar, and an Unscented version for those who prefer a neutral aroma.

Users describe the scents as light, floral note pleasant, and sophisticated, with specific fragrances like Orange Neroli and White Tea standing out.

Regarding texture, the deodorant stick, enriched with ingredients like theobroma cacao cocoa butter, smoothly glides on the skin.

It feels creamy upon application, making it a joy to apply. Yet, post-application, the stick might feel slightly sticky and gummy, leading to a bit of a mess. But the scent sticks around, keeping you fresh for up to 24 hours.

Putting Curie Deodorant to the Test

Testing Curie Deodorant

Customers have given rave reviews for Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick, appreciating its ability to keep them fresh and free from odor. But what about its performance during physical activity?

Well, for men, it does a pretty good job, although you might need to reapply throughout the day for optimal results.

For women, the deodorant stick does a great job at keeping armpits fresh during physical activity, a big win compared to other products they might have used in the past.

Yet, on an average day, the scent might only endure for around an hour, requiring reapplication for sustained freshness.

There may not be any scientific or clinical studies on the effectiveness of Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick, but customer feedback paints a pretty convincing picture of a product that many absolutely love.

Heavy Sweating Scenario Analysis

But what about its performance in scenarios of heavy sweating? According to users, the deodorant does a commendable job of keeping bad smells at bay even during periods of intense sweating. Some even noticed improvements in odor control within just a couple of weeks of use.

Even in stressful situations, Curie Deodorant remains effective, eliminating sweat odors and maintaining users’ freshness and confidence all day.

However, during periods of heavy sweating, the deodorant might need to be reapplied every hour or so, but many users still find it worth it.

Is Curie’s Natural Deodorant Worth It?

Taking into account all factors, including its natural ingredients like opuntia tuna prickly pear and the highly sought-after tuna prickly pear fruit extract, its fresh scents, and smooth application, Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick presents itself as a product worth considering.

However, it’s not all rosy. Some users who sweat a lot felt the product’s performance was less than stellar, with complaints of a sticky and gummy feel, although it was still moisturizing and gentle on the skin.

At $14 for a two-ounce stick, Curie Deodorant is priced competitively in comparison with other natural deodorants in the market.

Their subscription service, which allows you to cancel, pause, or swap products at any time, is also a plus. However, like any other product, it may cause side effects like:

  • irritation

  • redness

  • rash

  • dryness

In some users, the results were noticeable within just a couple of weeks, and in others, it took a couple of weeks more.

While there are no scientific studies to back up its effectiveness, the overwhelming positive customer feedback makes a strong case for its effectiveness.

Finally, it’s important to remember that individual results may vary, so it’s always a good idea to read reviews before making a decision.


In summary, Curie’s Natural Deodorant Stick is a promising product that offers a natural, aluminum-free choice for underarm hygiene.

Its natural ingredients, pleasant scents, smooth application, and effectiveness, even during physical activity, make it a product worth considering.

While it might not be the best choice for heavy sweaters and those with sensitive skin, for many, Curie’s Deodorant Stick has proven to be a game-changer, offering a healthier alternative to traditional deodorants.

In conclusion, while personal hygiene preferences are highly individual, Curie Deodorant Stick offers an option that is worth exploring.

If you’re looking for a natural, safe, and effective way to stay fresh, Curie Deodorant might just be the brand for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Curie deodorant after Shark Tank?

The episode of Shark Tank proved to be very successful for Curie deodorant, as it quickly sold out of stock and generated a 5,000-strong waitlist in the first 24 hours. It has since become a profitable business.

Is Curie deodorant sold in stores?

Yes, Curie deodorant is sold in stores! You can find it in the Naturals aisle at Walmart or on Just enter your zip code to find a location near you.

What is the healthiest brand of deodorant?

For a healthy deodorant option, try one of the top-rated and staff-favorite natural deodorants recommended by experts.

Who made Curie deodorant?

Sarah Moret is the Founder & CEO of Curie, the award-winning deodorant brand.

What are some of the natural ingredients in Curie’s Natural Deodorant?

Curie’s Natural Deodorant is made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, and prickly pear fruit extract, making it an effective and gentle alternative to other deodorants.

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