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Top 4 Electric Blankets Guaranteed to Keep You Warm in 2023-2024

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, finding ways to stay warm and cozy becomes a top priority. With the right electric blankets, you can snuggle up and stay toasty without cranking up the thermostat.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top 4 electric blankets of 2023-2024, exploring their unique features, pros, and cons. We’ll also guide you through choosing the perfect heated blanket for your needs, ensuring you’ll be warm and comfy all winter.

Meet Your Perfect Winter Companions- Electric Blankets

A cozy image of two electric blankets keeping you warm during the winter season

Chilly nights and cold spots often call for extra warmth, and electric blankets are an efficient way to keep the cold at bay. With numerous options on the market, including most electric blankets, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 best electric blankets of 2023 to help you find the best electric blanket for those frosty winter months.

  1. Best for Budget Buyers: Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw

  2. Best Luxury Option: Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

  3. Best for Versatility: HOMLYNS Electric Blanket

  4. Best for Comfort: Greenoak Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw: Best for Budget Buyers

budget electric blanket to stay warm, heated blanket, automatic shutoff

Price: Currently $29.99 on Amazon with $10,000 Sales this month


  • Material: Microfiber

  • Size: 50 x 60 inches

  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 100W


  • Soft and plush microfiber fabric

  • Adjustable heating element with three levels of warmth, providing the benefits of a heating pad

  • Automatic shut-off function for safety

  • Machine washable for easy cleaning


  • Wires may be slightly noticeable

Upon testing the Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw, it proved to be the best heated blanket for anyone desiring a snug, warm blanket for the chilly season. The features of the blanket include:

  • Soft microfiber fabric that feels gentle against the skin

  • Adjustable heat settings for customized warmth

  • Auto shut-off feature for added safety

  • Machine washable for easy maintenance


  • Price: 5/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Comfort: 4/5

  • Safety: 4/5

Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket: Best Luxury Option

luxury electric blanket to stay warm, heated blanket, wires inside, digital controls, no more drafty house, power cord

Price: $69.87 on Amazon with 3K+ sales this month and 4.3 stars on 32,000+ Ratings


  • Material: Fleece

  • Heat Settings: Multiple

  • Preheat Feature: Yes

  • Control: Dual

  • Care Instructions: Machine washable, dryer safe


  • Ultra-soft fleece fabric

  • Multiple heat settings

  • Convenient preheat feature

  • Dual controllers feature

  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Higher price point

Upon using the Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket, its luxurious, ultra-soft fleece fabric it captivated me instantly.

The multiple heating elements and preheat feature allowed for a high level of customization, ensuring the perfect level of warmth for my preferences.

The two controllers feature was a significant selling point, as it allowed my partner and I to independently adjust the heat on our respective sides of the same bedding.

Although it’s pricier than other heated blankets, the quality and features make it well worth the investment. There will be no more cold toes with this impressive heated blanket.


  • Price: 4/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Comfort: 5/5

  • Safety: 4/5

HOMLYNS Electric Blanket: Best for Versatility

Homlyns electric blanket, auto off, maximum temperature feature, ir thermometer, heated blanket

Price: $24.99 on Amazon with 6K+ sales and 4.3 stars on 2,600+ Ratings


  • Material: High-quality fabric

  • Heat Settings: Multiple

  • Size: Queen

  • Safety Feature: Automatic shut-off


  • Multiple heat settings

  • Soft and plush fabric

  • Automatic shut-off feature


  • No preheat feature

Upon testing process and using the HOMLYNS Electric Blanket, it emerged as a versatile choice meeting a range of needs. The blanket offers the following features:

  • High-quality fabric that feels soft and plush, providing excellent warmth and comfort

  • Multiple heat settings for customization

  • Automatic shut-off feature for safety

The only drawback I found was the lack of a preheat feature, which would have been a welcome addition.

Overall, this plush blanket is an excellent choice for those seeking versatility among all the heating blankets, setting it apart from other blankets.


  • Price: 4/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Comfort: 4/5

  • Safety: 4/5

Greenoak Electric Heated Throw Blanket: Best for Comfort

heated blanket, mattress pad replacement,

Price: Currently $29.99 on Amazon with 9K+ sales this month and 4.3 stars on 1500+ Ratings


  • Material: Plush fabric

  • Heat settings: Multiple

  • Automatic shut-off: Yes


  • Soft and plush fabric

  • Multiple heat settings for extra heat

  • Automatic shut-off feature


  • Slightly noticeable wires

Upon testing the Greenoak Electric Heated Throw Blanket, its exceptional comfort took me by surprise. The soft and plush fabric felt beautiful against my skin, and the multiple heat settings allowed me to find the perfect temperature for my needs.

The automatic auto shut off on-off feature provided added safety, giving me peace of mind while using the blanket.

The only downside I encountered was slightly noticeable wires, which were a minor drawback compared to the overall comfort and warmth provided by this heated throw.


  • Price: 4/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Comfort: 5/5

  • Safety: 4/5

How to Choose Between these Electric Blankets

special features, perfect fit, washing, sleeping, california king sizes, heated blanket

Numerous factors need to be taken into account when choosing the ideal electric blanket. Initially, reflect on your preferred blanket type, such as a standard blanket, heated mattress pad, or throw blanket.

Each variety offers its pros and cons, making it vital to select the one that aligns with your requirements and taste.

Next, consider the material, size, and features of the electric blanket. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Material: Most heated blankets are made from plush, comfortable fabrics like microfiber or fleece, providing a cozy feel.

  • Size: Choose a blanket that fits your bed size, whether twin, full, queen, or king.

  • Heat settings: Look for blankets with multiple heat settings to customize the warmth to your liking.

  • Safety features: Check for features like automatic shut-off and approval from nationally recognized testing agencies to ensure safe and efficient use.

Another factor to consider is the warranty period, price, and safety standards of the electric blanket. Reviewing the manufacturer’s reputation can help you make an informed decision.

Don’t forget to carefully read the care instructions, as some blankets may be machine washable, while others may require special care.

Taking these factors into account and conducting comprehensive research will empower you to select the most suitable electric blanket, ensuring your warmth and comfort during cold nights in the cold weather of the winter season.


In conclusion, electric blankets are a fantastic way to stay warm and cozy during the winter months. With options like the budget-friendly Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw, the luxurious Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket, the versatile HOMLYNS Electric Blanket, and the ultra-comfortable greenoak Electric Heated Throw Blanket, there’s a perfect heated blanket for everyone.

I personally love all these electric blankets, but the SunBeam one is my favorite. It is the one I am currently using at my house. The best part about these electric blankets is that they are affordable.

Considering material, heat settings, safety features, and price, you can confidently choose the right electric blanket for your needs and enjoy a warm, snuggly winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of electric blanket is best?

Based on extensive testing, the Beautyrest Plush Electric Blanket is our top pick for the best heated blanket overall. It offers a plush feel and excellent warmth that makes it perfect for just about any home. Berkshire Blanket VelvetLoft Striped Heated Blanket and Warmee Smart Heated Throw are great options for extra warmth and portability.

Is it OK to use an electric blanket every night?

It is generally safe to use an electric blanket when used appropriately and according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines, however, it is not recommended to keep electric blankets on all night. It is best to turn them off before falling asleep.

Do you put the fleece side up or down on electric blankets?

For electric blankets, it is generally recommended to put the label side up. However, it is advertised as reversible, so it should still work even if placed label-side down with electrical cords and connections hanging freely at the bottom of the bed.

How do heated blankets work?

Heated blankets use thin, insulated wires running through the fabric to produce heat. The electric current through internal wires is managed by a temperature control unit, generating infrared heat for comfortable and safe warmth.

What types of electric blankets are available?

There are three main types king sizes of king-size electric blankets available: standard, heated mattress pads, and throw blankets.

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