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How to Cancel Amazon Music: A Step-by-Step Guide

This comprehensive guide will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to cancel Amazon Music quickly and precisely.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, streaming services like Amazon Music have become a staple in our daily lives, providing endless hours of music and podcasts.

However, there comes a time when you might need to know how to cancel your Amazon Music subscription.

Whether you want to switch to a different service, save money, or take a break, understanding how to cancel your Amazon Music subscription is crucial.

Understanding Your Amazon Music Subscription

Before diving into the cancellation process, it’s essential to understand your Amazon Music subscription type. Amazon offers two primary music services:

1. Amazon Music Unlimited: This full-featured subscription service offers over 70 million songs, thousands of playlists, and personalized stations. It’s available as a standalone service and an add-on to Amazon Prime membership.

2. Amazon Prime Music: This is a more limited service but comes as a free benefit with your Amazon Prime membership, providing access to over 2 million songs.

Knowing which service you’re subscribed to will help you navigate the cancellation process more effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

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1. Sign In to Your Amazon Account:

Begin by signing in to your Amazon account. Ensure you log in with the credentials associated with your Amazon Music subscription.

2. Navigate to Your Subscriptions:

Go to “Your Account” and select “Your Subscriptions” once logged in. This will display all your current Amazon subscriptions.

3. Find Amazon Music Unlimited:

In your list of subscriptions, locate “Amazon Music Unlimited.”

4. Choose the Cancel Option:

Next to your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription details, you’ll find an option to “Cancel Subscription.” Click on this to initiate the cancellation process.

5. Confirm Your Cancellation:

You will be prompted to confirm your decision to cancel. Amazon may also offer you various deals or incentives to stay. If you’re determined to cancel, proceed with the confirmation. Your access Amazon Music Unlimited subscription will be concluded after the billing cycle.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Music

how to cancel amazon music, amazon music app, amazon music settings, playback options

Since Amazon Prime Music is part of your Amazon Prime membership, canceling it means you have to either cancel your entire Amazon Prime membership or change it to a membership type that does not include Prime Music. You will lose a lot of perks that come with the Amazon Prime membership, sometimes even from your mobile service provider.

1. Access Your Amazon Prime Account:

Log in to your Amazon account and navigate to “Your Prime Membership.”

2. Review Your Membership Details:

Here, you can see all the benefits of your Amazon Prime membership, including Prime Music.

3. Make Changes to Your Membership:

If you wish to keep your Prime membership without Prime Music, look for an option to modify your membership. If you want to cancel your entire Prime membership, select “End Membership.”

4. Confirm Your Decision:

Amazon will ask you to confirm your choice. Remember, canceling your Prime membership will remove access to all Prime benefits, including Prime Music.

What Happens After You Cancel?

After canceling your Amazon Music subscription, you’ll still have access to your music until your current billing cycle ends. This means you can continue enjoying your playlists and songs until your subscription ends.

How to Cancel Amazon Music: Conclusion

Cancelling your Amazon Music subscription is straightforward, whether you’re subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Prime Music.

By following these steps, you can ensure a hassle-free cancellation experience.

Remember, you always have the option to re-subscribe in the future should your needs or preferences change. An excellent tip to remember is always to know your subscription renewal details.

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