In our upcoming blog post, we dive deep into the world of the best mountain bike gloves. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking the latest innovations or a beginner eager to discover the essentials, this guide has something for everyone.

Best Choice

Giro Trixter Bike Gloves 

giro, best mountain bike gloves

These gloves have received praise for their value and performance, making them a top choice for many riders.

Second Best choice

100% Brisker Bike Gloves

100 brisker bike gloves

Known for their excellent performance in cold weather, these gloves are a favorite for winter mountain biking.


Troy Lee Designs Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Gloves

Troy Lee Designs offers a range of gloves, and their products are well-regarded for their quality and durability.

Runner Up

DHaRCO Bike Gloves

Dharco Bike Gloves

These gloves are known for their comfort and grip, making them popular among mountain bikers.

Hidden Gem

Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Gloves

Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Gloves

Leatt’s MTB gloves are appreciated for their grip and protection, making them suitable for various trail conditions.

What Are the Best Mountain Bike Gloves?

My top choices for the best mountain bike gloves are Giro Trixter, 100% Brisker Bike Gloves, and Troy Lee Designs Gloves.

Giro Trixter Bike Gloves 

An affordable yet high-quality option, Giro Trixter gloves are made from breathable fabric but offer more protection than your average minimalist glove. They are particularly suited for riders looking for value.

Giro Trixter mountain Bike Gloves are designed with the adrenaline-filled cyclist in mind. From the trails to ice-covered climbs, to backcountry jumps, these versatile gloves will keep your hands cool and protected while providing precise control of your ride.

Constructed with Slip-on Lycra cuff and Ax Suede Bolt fabric featuring InstaChill technology, they hug your wrists snugly while providing maximum breathability. The one-piece pre-curved microfiber palm is fully perforated for enhanced ventilation yet has enough durability and grip to handle every demand from steep drops to challenging switchbacks. And if you need a quick sweat wipe during intense times?

No problem – a microfiber sweat wipe is conveniently located on every glove, so you won’t have to worry about slippage or distractions. With Giro Trixter Mountain Bike gloves, control isn’t sacrificed, and comfort goes untouched. Get the confidence and performance you need with this unrivaled design – experience precision power with Giro Trixter Mountain Bike Gloves!

Last Known Price on Amazon: $19.95.

4.2 Stars On Amazon with 652 Ratings

giro, best mountain bike gloves

100% Brisker Bike Gloves

Are you a cyclist who’s looking for the perfect fit when it comes to your gloves? Look no further; 100% Brisker Bike Gloves are the ideal choice! With its adjustable TPR wrist closure featuring hook and loop backing, you can ensure they snugly fit on your hands.

The best part is that these gloves are designed with cold weather in mind. Made from a lightly insulated soft shell and a moisture-wicking microfiber interior, this pair of gloves will protect you against colder temps without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, these gloves won’t make you choose between feeling great and staying connected – their integrated tech thread makes them touch-screen compatible.

Ready for the ultimate in comfort and performance? The single-layer Clarion palm provides premium comfort and top-notch performance while you’re on the road, allowing you to fully concentrate on riding without any distractions from annoying knuckles or stiff fabric.

Protect yourself against the elements while still able to enjoy your ride with 100% Brisker Bike Gloves!

Last Known Price On Amazon: $34.50

4.6 Stars On Amazon with 2,215 Ratings

100 brisker bike gloves

Troy Lee Designs Gloves

When you trust Troy Lee Designs, you know that decades of racing experience and craftsmanship go into every product they create. The Troy Lee Designs Gloves are no exception! Made from high-quality polyester with a single-layer palm for perforation, these gloves are designed for premium performance.

Compression molded cuffs and micro-mesh ventilation take comfort to the next level while you’re out wheeling around on your bike. You also get enhanced protection with sonic welded TPRs and silicone-printed fingertips for improved lever grip.

With Troy Lee Designs behind them, put your faith in these gloves today—after all, they have kept the world’s fastest racers safe for the past 40 years in Corona, California!

Last Known Price On Amazon: $22.48-$34.00

4.5 Stars On Amazon with 2,220 Ratings

Troy Lee Designs Gloves

DHaRCO Bike Gloves

Get ready to enjoy your next bike ride with DHaRCO Bike Gloves. With durable and soft synthetic leather for the palms and reinforced seams, you can count on them to last a long time. Plus, they are designed with breathable nylon fabric on top so you’ll always stay comfortable even during longer rides!

The best part about these gloves is that they make your life easier. Their thumbs and index fingers feature smartphone-friendly material so you can quickly grab your phone and check notifications while out in the saddle.

Plus, the synthetic leather curves around those important fingers to reduce friction points so there won’t be any uncomfortable rubbing while you cycle.

Once you try these reliable gloves from DHaRCO, you won’t believe how easy it is to take your biking experience to the next level. Get ready for an effortless ride every time and start experiencing the difference of premium quality cycling safety gear at its best! Check out Dharco for gloves and more.

Pros and Cons Last Known Price: $30.00

4.7 Stars On

Dharco Bike Gloves

Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Gloves

Experience superior handlebar feel and maximum control while you ride with the Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Gloves. These MTB gloves are designed with thoughtful details and premium materials that provide great grip without compromising comfort or breathability.

With FormFit finger stitching, stretchy vented uppers, and MicronGrip palm material, these gloves offer excellent grip—in wet and dry conditions—while the super slim design maintains a great feel on your handlebars.

Additionally, they feature silicone grip print for enhanced grip and stretch stitch thread for improved strength of the seams/fingers. Furthermore, you get an extended lens/sweat wiper feature to keep sweat away from your eyes while riding.

Plus, much like a second skin, they also come pre-curved and snug-fitting for easy movement on the handlebars while offering a comfortable Stretch comfort cuff to ensure all-day wearability! So take control of your ride with the Leatt MTB 1.0 GripR Gloves!

Last Known Price On Amazon $23.40-$26.99

4.7 Stars on Amazon with 6 Ratings



In conclusion, choosing suitable mountain bike gloves is essential for every rider’s comfort and safety on the trails. Whether exploring rugged terrains, tackling downhill descents, or enjoying a leisurely ride, the suitable gloves can make all the difference.

My Top picks are Giro Trixter, 100% Brisker Bike Gloves, and Troy Lee Designs Gloves. The choice must be based on your preference, style, and design. Read up on our Blog to stay informed about further fitness products.

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